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Friends & Music Lovers (Especially the ones that love the violin),

I hope that you will find enjoyment as you visit heatherlilmamahardy.com. The intention is that this will be a destination for some wonderful music history, exposure to some artists that you may not have heard before, and so that you can know what Heather “Lil’ Mama” Hardy is all about.

I have had an incredibly rich career. Not only have I had the privilege to sing, play, and produce my own music, but also, throughout the last 30 years, I have had the opportunity to play in many genres and with some of the great musicians of our times.

So as I continue on my journey (until they rip the violin from my fingers), my hope is to share with you some of that history and even more importantly, I hope to share what is happening right now and what is still to come for me musically. There’s gonna be so much more!!

So, please take your time. Visit and revisit and share this site with your friends. With the brilliance and help from my friend Tony Uribe, (founding member of Tony and the Torpedoes), this will be an active website where new and old video, audio, and photographic gems will appear when you least expect it. And, may I thank all of you who have passed along so much history to my care.

Everything you see as you enter the site is for your enjoyment and to share the music!!! The payoff for me... is that you’ll have such a good time at heatherlilmamahardy.com You’ll come out to live shows!!! You’ll buy lots of music!!! And you’ll come back again and again. Enjoy!

Love, Love, Love, and more Love,

Lil’ Mama

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