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Thank you so much for visiting heatherlilmamahardy.com. I am excited to announce the release of 2 new singles.

Amazing Grace (a solo violin piece)

Sandy (A tribute to the survivors of hurricane “Sandy “.)

Both songs are available for download from this website and are part of a fund-raising effort for my upcoming CD. I begin recording at Velvet Swan studios in NYC June 21st with the NY “Lil' Mama Band” and in August with the Tucson “Lil ' Mama Band”.

There is lots of new music on the way!!! Thanks to all of you for supporting me, my band and “music” itself. The last few years have been an incredible journey. And I sincerely thank you. I work with some of the finest artists in the world and continue to learn and be inspired every time I play. I hope to have this honor for a long time to come. And I look forward to finding ways to keep expanding my audience, creating new music, as well as sharing the work I do with so many great bands and songwriters. I hope you will come visit heatherlilmamahardy.com again soon.

As always…

Love, Love, Love, and more Love,

Lil’ Mama

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