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Recorded by Heather Hardy for "Lil' Mama Records" engineered and mixed and mastered by Roger King Tucson, AZ.

Buy for instant download for $2.99. After purchase you will be directed to an address and the zip file will begin to downlaod. Please allow the download to complete. Make sure you know where the zip file has downloaded to and then just unzip the file. If this download fails for any reason contact me at heatherlilmamahardy@yahoo.com and I will email you the file.



“Sandy, Dedicated to The Survivors of Hurricane Sandy”


The song is called Sandy written, recorded,
and produced for 'Lil' Mama Records © 2014
Recorded at Velvet Swan Studios, NYC
Violin and Vocals, Heather Hardy
Guitar and Bass, T.J Swan
Drums, Phil Cimino
Mixed by T.J Swan
Mastering: Mark Hutchins


Announcing a new fundraising project to produce a new CD with the Tucson based Lil' Mama Band!

The goal is $8000.00

Raised so far $2000.00

Here at Lil' Mama Records we'd like to invite you, the fans, to participate in producing a new CD with Heather and her Tucson based Lil' Mama Band. Below we have set Paypal buttons for different tiers of participation and what each tier will buy you in return for your participation in this exciting new project.


$ 1.99 Sandy, a new single by Heather Lil' Mama Hardy (MP3 instant download)

$15 Signed copy of the new CD

$25 Signed copy of CD and Photo

$50 Collection of 2 Heather Lil' Mama Hardy CDs and a signed copy of the new CD

$100 Collection of all 3 Heather Lil' Mama Hardy CDs, signed copy of the new CD and photo

$500 Collection of CDs, signed copy of new CD and photo and invite for you and a 3 guests to Private dinner and house concert to be held at Heather's Home for all donors $500 and above

$1000 you will receive all the previous gifts and we will arrange a command solo violin performance (maybe you have a wedding coming up or a special event but the event must be local to Tucson or Manhattan, and if its Manhattan, it must be a flexible date)