New York Review

"Lil Mama" Heather Hardy with Blues Legend Sam Taylor


New York Review

June 2000

"If you can sit still while listening to my music.. Something is wrong with your soul apparatus" - Sam Taylor December '99

Heather Hardy is a gifted Violinist, songwriter and singer whose Mentor, Nationally renowned blues artist, Sam Taylor, refers to as "Lil' Mama" may be "little" In comparison to Mr. Taylor who is "Big" in fame, frame HEART and SOUL, however Heather Hardys Soul is Huge and fills the room even before she picks up her five string electric violin to play.. Add her beautiful and strong voice and Heather becomes one with her music and larger than life.

Hardys talent has grown along with her spirit, which is reflected in her lyrics and music at live performances and on her CD "Violins" (Troupe Records) which is a beautiful work displaying her amazing talent on the violin, technically and artistically, strong vocals and her gift for writing music and lyrics, which ranks her among the top composers in blues music.

Heather's music however, is not limited to the "blues" her work also reflects an influence of jazz, R&B and Rock.

Some of the Cuts on "Violins" including; "Bluz Man" is an upbeat Rock and Jazz infected piece written by Sam Taylor and "Devil in your Eyes" also penned by Taylor and performed by Hardy and Taylor as a Duet is obviously early R&B influenced.

Another Taylor composition "Mama" is a beautiful piece, Dark and Light, Haunting and hopeful as the lyrics take you through the tale of lessons learned the hard way...

"Temptation" written by Hardy showcases all of her talents and takes you on a journey of her struggles in the world, the temptations along the way.. which she has obviously risen above.

A highly recommended CD and Performance! Don't miss them at the 2nd Annual Riverhead Blues Fest!

Janice Curran-Koppell
Editor and Publisher of
Contributing Editor NY Nightlife Magazine