Here's The Link to our radio interview with Mark McLemore  on Arizona Public Media  " Spotlight AZ" broadcast on NPR . Alvin Blaine and I recorded 5 tracks just for the show .


I got a couple of new albums and have been on a run of amazing shows and my   band has never sounded better !!!The last few years have been an abundance of great music with them as well as a long list of artists i work with as a sideman.  Each one  ...... bad ass !  
So I was thinking ..... why not a new website!!! ..... I hope you dig it ! 

As time goes by ..... some people don't know where I got the name Lil' Mama . 
It was given by this man in the video to the left . A man that was a profound influence in my journey  as an artist . And as a human. 
I'm  talking about The Legendary BLUZMAN,  Mr. Sam Taylor.!!!!
I stay  " Lil' Mama  in his honor 
Please enjoy this great throwback  video with him .