I'll take care of you.... If you will take care of me . ”

— Heather' Lil' Mama" Hardy - I Believe

Heather "Lil' Mama" Hardy Band

Heather Lil' Mama Hardy is currently based out of Tucson , AZ where she is performing and recording frequently . However, every 3 months she returns to New York to continue her work with her New York based LiL' Mama band, and  to record and gig with numerous other east coast artists . Being a single mom ...... this approach has allowed for a different kind of regional touring over the last 12 years . However , now , Jacob ..now 20   is heading off on his own adventures . So this coupled with "The  Heather Lil' Mama Hardy LIVE in Tucson  Album"  release and the launch of this new website ... Heather is passionate about the musical and professional possibilities in store.


Photo By Joseph A. Rosen

Photo By Joseph A. Rosen

Photo by Frank Simon

Photo by Frank Simon

photo by
 James Frederico Reed
 " Santiago"

photo by James Frederico Reed " Santiago"

“Heather Hardy shows off her technical prowess on the violin, amazingly strong vocals and a gift for music and lyrics that ranks her with some of the top composers in the field of blues music.” – Good Times Magazine


“Long known as the incendiary violinist of the Sam Taylor Band, Hardy’s latest CD shows she stands in nobody’s shadow.” – Backyard Blues


“Heather was no disappointment…she kicks ass on that thing!! I'm often scared to hear electric violin as the potential for high-end ear-shattering notes is so great. But Heather knows just how to e-q that thing and got a real ballsy blues tone out of her instrument. She even uses a wah-wah pedal, so I could really relate!!" 

– Vizztone recording artist Debbie Davies

“Hardy’s solos marry lightning virtuosity with melodic sophistication and unhindered soul. In a more perfect world, Hardy would win the Blues Music Award for ‘Best Contemporary Female Blues Artist’ award hands down.”

– Blues Revue



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